Smoke on the Water

Hydrophone with smoke enhancer in bowl 6x6

05.16 Munich, Germany

Wilma W. Daniels Gallery, Wilmington, NC USA


materials: found, wire    

10.15 London, ON


house foundational rods bent, tendril wrapped with woman clothing, sound of murmuring and breath embedded in sculpture. 2009

Nashville, Tennessee

Sense of Place

found objects, string, mixed media 80x70

07.16 Cadiz, Spain

Museo Contemporary, Cadiz, Spain

Nashville, TN USA

dual harmonica machine

materials: tire with two valves constructed,

metal, tubing, casing, foot pump, two harmonicas

in key of c and key of g, 

process: Foot pump fills tire and air is

pumped into valve system to perform blowing

two harmonicas

01.12 Atlanta, Georgia / Miami, Florida

Aural Regeneration

05.2012 Atlanta, Georgia

BCA, Burren, Ireland


category: sonic instrument w/attached amplification

found artifacts, tuning pegs, bow 22x49

05.16 Munich, Germany

Gedok Munchen, Munich, Germany

catch my drift

internal and external locations

found materials off shore of Bald Head Island,  

11.15 North Carolina

The Secret Life Of Vespula Squamosa. 30x40
found materials from Bald Head Island, NC

including 30 wasps including performance of one survival in glass jar.  Work deals with subject of anthropocene today. 11.15

Woodside, Troy, NY, USA

Linedance Series

materials: found pieces of clothing, wire, string.

05.15  Michigan

New World Collaboration

Found objects -sonic instrumentation 47x56

07.16 Munich, Germany

Art Basal, Miami, FL. USA

Atlanta, GA USA

Studio 1640, Michigan USA


materials: found rocking chair with tap shoe plugged in/electified Atlanta, Georgia


accordion performance

materials: found motor, metal,  pulley, truck wheel rim, rope, wire, accordion, motor operates the performance of the accordion through pulley system.

11.13 Atlanta, Georgia

the shadow between the anima and animus 

materials: found    

05/15 Northern Michigan

snare extraordinaire

materials: found materials, disassembled fan motor, constructed pulley system, nail brush, found metal parts 03.12 Atlanta, Georgia


​                                  MYRNA PRONCHUK STUDIO

string thing

wrapped foundation rod bent and welded metal parts 03/12

​Atlanta, Georgia

London, ON CDN

thumb piano

materials: found

Troy, New York

Ernest Welch Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Blue Chandelier

all found materials including plastic, twine, shells, glass off shore of Cadiz, Spain  25x35


Evidence of Now

found materials, board, string, acrylic 

05/16 Munich, Germany

Sonic-C Instrument

found objects: horseshoe, cigar box, metal, wire, wood.

05.12 Troy, New York

writing is on the wall

velum, fish tank, gaffer tape

03.12 Atlanta, Georgia