Being both a musician and contemporary artist,

I experience life and art (making) foremost as an engagement of both an optical and aural experience. Through sonic and visual markers, I record with mediums of 2d, 3d. and 4d which creates a dialogue to occur.

I am interested in the encounter with our environment,

and our complex relationship with it (societal and individually). I am also curious of the narrative of human activity that occurs, with weighing elements of hegemony and individual responsibility in a delicate world.

Environment plays an important role of informing.

A place influences what is taken or left behind: It can bind or instigate enthropy - developing a sustaining  impression.  Part of what is left behind is a collection of mutated materials-natural or produced found and collected to inform, being telltale to its inhabitants. 

In utilizing materials- in found objects from the ordinary, 

and sometimes mundane parts of human activity, excavated from a specific area or place lead the narration of the work.  These parts are ones that have sometimes been forgotten, mistreated or cast away to be gathered and re-created within sculpture construction to become then a (new) way of translating, deciphering, and understanding human responses - with reflection of responsibility to life and to that particular area environment.

When artifacts in contemporary society are combined

in a new way to illustrate purpose or importance, they can produce an  interactive landscape for the artist and further, the viewer to consider. This exploration of hegemony of humans (over each other and of our environment) can influence the power of individual responsibility.

The movement between varied mediums of painting and sculpture

create a gesamtkunstwerk. Shifting from drawings to paintings and to mix media, lend to continued ideas of the abstraction of the human experience. In obscuring confines of form and expression, the sonic and visual and the experience and imitation, it is my hope the viewer will question positions of dominance in how we treat our world and how we treat each other  through a line quadrant with color or tone made from a string from a machine.

The material presented is composed primarily of the most contemporary and recent work - since my return to the north and Canada after many years in the southern United States as well as present travels and artist residencies throughout Europe.